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Kanji Cards Graphic

Kanji Flashcards--White Rabbit Press
There was lots of swearing, crumbled cards and endless rants about why a single nation needs four alphabets involved.

Japanese Kanji Flashcards from White Rabbit Press are among the best Japanese study materials available on the market.
Learn more about it here.

My Mother Is A Tractor
Shunning thousand-mile walks, the martial arts, zen and forays into art and culture in favor of beer, day-trips and karaoke, Nicholas Klar's My Mother is a Tractor offers a disturbingly realistic look at life as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan.

The book's message, or warning, is simple: This is life in Japan. Enter at your own risk. Enjoy your stay.
Learn more about it here.

Tokyo Stories
A charming little farce that does a good job of cataloguing the various characters and neuroses of the expatriate community in Tokyo.

The novel, unfortunately, despite its charm, has some serious flaws.
Learn more about it here.

Dogs and Demons
In his follow up to Lost Japan, Alex Kerr takes us on a harrowing tour of the Land and Transport Ministry...

You quickly begin to wish that Kerr had either written the book more quickly (he started it in 1996 but it wasn't published until 2001) and that his publisher had provided a better editor.
Learn more about it here.

Tokyo Underworld
Robert Whiting, makes a delightful departure from the world of Japanese baseball to analyze the yakuza and its role in Japanese society since World War II.

We watch the Japanese become less enamored of everything western, causing changes in everything from fashion to pizza.
Learn more about it here.

The NHK Man Cometh
Every couple of months, while you live in Japan, a man in a blue or gray work jacket will pound on your front door and demand money.

Even if you pretend you don't speak Japanese or simply chase him away with a baseball bat or a large knife, he will be back two months later.

Learn more about it here.

All Men Become Monsters In Asia
Learn more about it here.

You're Right. So What?
Learn more about it here.

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